Johnny Vieira is a California native who is an experienced Consultant, Entrepreneur and Founder of V.B.V ( VIEIRA BUSINESS VENTURES ). He’s created several tech products responsible for a variety of innovative solutions. Most recently he developed the Election Integrity app VotifyNow. It’s an Election Integrity app that helps users report and collect voting / election irregularities in their local, state and national elections, then shares these incidents with all the apps users, so that everybody can see it real time what problems are happening around them. This allows for more secured elections and increased confidence in our overall election system . Vieira Business Ventures is the home for new ideas, technologies and innovations. We assist clients in need of simple, secure and fast technological solutions for modernizing their businesses needs. V.B.V strives to help clients achieve their visions and expand them into a new era where technology solves business hurdles getting them over these barriers. We look forward to helping you utilize the next wave of technological innovations to keep ahead of your competitors. The company is the new home for many creative ideas, innovations and services for our own internal projects as well, ranging from technology services such as mobile app creations, online marketing services, brand awareness, A.I etc.. We Will also focus on bringing partners on board that can help us bring our clients visions as well as their own visions to fruition. We will assure these partners and our clients that we’ll never be more than a phone call, text or an email away. We look forward to helping our clients achieve their vision while we and our team continue to help expand our vision into the next generation and beyond. We don’t worry about machine learning / A.I, we embrace it. Technology has always been an industrialists friend and now in this modern day of technological Innovations, V.B.V plans to be at the head of the pack. Contact us and tell us what’s on your mind and we look forward to helping you step into this exciting future ahead for all of us